Green Way Foundation Green Way
Organization Type:   Date Established: March 56768
Date Joined IUCN: March 2008

The Green Way Foundation was established by a very dedicated young individual. The general goal is to change people’s minds about biodiversity conservation and nature protection as a base for human survival on earth. Green Way is working with a broad spectrum of social groups through mass media and private contact and organising links between society and governmental bodies.

To achieve and support sustainable development of Kazakhstan (environment, culture, human health).


•Working out and implementation of projects on biodiversity conservation and environment rehabilitation, conservation of historical monuments and cultural traditions •Educational programmes and popularisation of scientific knowledge; •Support and organising scientific research •Publishing and promotion

Key achievements

•2004 Participation compiling out Red Book data for Kazakhstan (invertebrates) •2005 Scientific research on entomological diversity of Kazakhstan •2006 Photo exhibition devoted to biodiversity conservation •2007 TV programme on Aral Sea crisis •2007 Publication on West Altai Strict Natural Reserve

Bio-geographic Areas of Work
Forests; Freshwater; Lands - Arid, Deserts; Mountains, Alpine; Urban, suburban.

Areas of Activity
1-0 Biodiversity; 3-12 Parks and protected areas; 5-02 Communications; 5-03 Environmental education; 5-05 Research.

Our Networking and Information Sharing Potential
  Membership to Other bodies and Networks:
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Number of members (organizations): 0
Number of members (individuals): 0
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