IUCN Commission Registration System
IUCN Commission Registration System
Welcome to IUCN's Commission Registration System. Please enter the username and password you received by email or mail.

Dear Commission member or future Commission member,

Welcome to the IUCN Commission Registration system.

Once you have logged in with your user name and the password provided to you by email, you will be able to:

· Accept / Decline of membership

· Update your profile

· Search for Commission members

· Change your password

1. Accepte / Decline Membership

Upon acceptance of the invitation to a Commission, you will be asked to update your user profile and accept the changes. If you choose to decline membership, your user name and password will not be valid anymore.

2. Update Your Personal Information

Your profile needs to be completed as the second step in the registration process. Note that a number of the fields are compulsory, although a number of these can be hidden to other Commission members. Thus other Commission member will only view data that you have ticked as being publicly available.

All personal information submitted (including hidden fields) will be stored in the IUCN Intranet, and will only be available to IUCN staff.

3. Search for Commission Members

This option allows you to search for any other Commission member in any of the six IUCN Commissions and to look up their contact information.

4. Change Your Password

Upon acceptance of the invitation from your Commission and completion of your profile, please be sure to change your password.